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It’s not easy to talk to your partner about being tested for STD’s, mainly because he or she might think of it as offensive. Image by: Freedigitalphotos.net

Meeting a new partner can be very exciting. Usually, a new relationship begins when you least expect it. And when you come to think of it, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) also come when you least expect it!
It’s not easy to talk to your partner about being tested for STD‘s, mainly because he or she might think of it as offensive. However, it is very much important! Chances are your partner will be very happy to hear how responsible you are about your sexual health.

The importance of having the “talk” before having sex is crucial!

Even if you’re planning to use a condom, infection isn’t necessarily prevented. Various STD‘s such as herpes and HPV can be transmitted even without showing any symptoms, and even when using a condom.
But then, how does one bring up such an embarrassing subject?? Here are few ideas for conversation starters.

“Getting tested will help us know for sure! So why take a chance?? It’s only a few days!”

“I’m not saying you are infected with a STD, I just think that getting tested will help protect the both of us.”

”Most STDs, including HIV, are treatable and many are curable. The sooner we know, the sooner we can start treatment.”


Notifying your doctor the number of sex partners you’ve had, as well as type of protection you used, is very important so he can evaluate your sexual history. Image by: Freedigitalphotos.net

“Even if the test will show positive for one of us, it doesn’t mean we have to end our relationship! There are various ways to prevent transmission.”

“We’ll be able to enjoy the sex more, if we know it is safe!”

“Did you know, that some people who are infected with a STD don’t even know it, since they may not be showing any symptoms!”

“Getting tested for STD’s isn’t painful at all! The test includes a urine sample, and in some cases a blood sample, and the results arrive very quickly!”

“How about getting tested together??”

After both of you agree to get tested, each of you must notify your doctor about the number of sex partners you’ve had, and type of protection you used. In addition, tell him if you’ve ever used drugs with needles or ever had sex without a condom. This information will help the doctor evaluate your sexual history and determine the risk factors.

If as a result to such a conversation, you partner will end the relationship, it means that it wasn’t meant to be! Remember, your health is the most important! Relationships come and go, however, you are with yourself until the end of your life.

So, do you have any ideas for conversation starters I might have missed?

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